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Cooltrain on track

Discover our Cooltrain: power wagons and end-to-end solutions for cold chain by rail.

Introducing cooltrain on track

Introducing cooltrain on track

For years, we have been revolutionizing rail freight transport to ensure temperature-sensitive goods travel fresh and at the right quality. To initiate further shift to rail for temperature-controlled cargo, we have developed solutions making railways more suitable for such transport. Introducing Raillogix Cooltrain: where innovative train technology meets tailored end-to-end logistic services, supporting cool chain logistics with integrated solutions per train.

From understanding how it works and assessing the benefits for your logistics, we are ready to support you, to unlock the potential for cold chain by rail, with Raillogix Cooltrain.

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Why choose Cooltrain?

  • End-2-End temperature controlled service

    We provide a seamless solution for “Cold Chain” by rail, with uninterrupted power supply through its journey by train.

  • Cost efficient & effective

    Cost competitive alternative for road transportation and enabling reduction of handling costs for intermodal transport.

  • Increased intermodal reach

    Expands the range of intermodal solutions, leveraging the extensive European railway network.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Reduces carbon footprint by six times compared to road transport, supporting fresh product to move eco-friendly transport by railway.

  • No engines required

    Eliminates the need for gensets and diesel-powered containers, reducing equipment costs and pollution.

  • Optimized capacity & easily scalable

    Scalable solution for substantial cargo flows, enabling higher payload in intermodal transport.

How does a power wagon work?

How does a power wagon work?

The power wagon operates like a bicycle dynamo. As the wheels rotate during transport, a hydraulic mechanism generates electricity which is being stored into a sizable battery. This power is then supplied to the container or trailer, ensuring continued operation of reefer units for temperature-controlled transportation, even during standstill. We offer power-wagons in various sizes (60-80-90ft) with a range of battery capacities, to offer the right wagon for the job.

Types of power wagons

  • Power wagon

    The power wagon is fully autonomous and generates electricity during transport by the movement of the wagon.

  • Plug-in power wagon

    The plug-in power wagon is powered by the electricity which a locomotive continuously transfers from the catenary to the wagon, whilst driving.

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