About us

The logic way forward

Raillogix is an integrated logistics service provider using railway as the backbone for its services and products. Acting as a logistical architect and supply-chain-manager, the company organizes railway transportation for various commodities such as containers, metals, dry-bulk and consumer goods. The company is active in Europe, but also provides intercontinental transport between Europe and Asia.

We go, where your cargo needs to go!

Introducing cooltrain on track

Introducing cooltrain on track

For many years, we have been developing solutions to make railway more suitable to transport temperature-controlled cargo. Therefore, we are introducing Raillogix Cooltrain.


Cross through 23 countries within Europe

Raillogix is an intermodal railway operator, moving more than 300.000TEU yearly within Europe. We don’t only serve Europe’s biggest ports but also link the main industry areas within the European and Asia. From bananas to high value electronics, with our intermodal company trains we can provide company trains, with a dedicated service.


– Intermodal
– Steel and metals
– Dry Bulk
– Palletized products
– Automotive
– Special transports
– Building materials